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Don’t Be Sorry for the Struggle

Fantastic blog written by Christy Wright. And well worth sharing.

“You’re spoiling that child! She’s going to grow up thinking the world revolves around her!”

From the time I was a small child, friends and family warned my mom that her parenting would ruin me. They said I would grow up selfish—that I would expect everything handed to me on a silver platter.

It’s true that I didn’t suffer many consequences when I misbehaved. They were right that my mom rarely told me “no” when I wanted a new toy or outfit.

That’s because my mom, like many single mothers, often operated out of a sense of guilt that my dad wasn’t in the picture. This led to more freedom and fewer consequences.

But all of those well-meaning family and friends didn’t consider this:

I watched my mother struggle.

– See more at: http://christywright.com/2015/03/dont-be-sorry-for-the-struggle/#sthash.DNl9aKW4.dpuf

Marriage: It’s Beautiful. It’s Natural. It’s Incredible

Married love is a funny thing. Built on a foundation of respect, honesty, commitment, and genuine friendship, it has to be nurtured, protected, developed, and honored. It’s almost like a child in a way – you give birth to it when you walk down the aisle. Then in the first few years of teaching it to “walk” or “work,” there are bumps and bruises as you get a feel for it. Finally, the cruising begins and you’re on your way…to more lessons, bumps and bruises, failures, and triumphs. Yet through it all, you have each other.

And while many in today’s society view marriage as antiquated, unnecessary, or even unrealistic (despite scores of happily married couples who beg to differ), those of us who are married know how joyful, fulfilling, and secure it can be. That’s why it’s so important to work to keep your marriage happy and healthy. I want to do something a little different today. Instead of telling you ways to keep your marriage spark alive, I want to help you understand the reason it is so crucial – and what can happen if you choose to let the flame extinguish.

– See more at: http://www.gospeltoday.com/blog/2015/03/02/marriage-its-beautiful-its-natural-its-incredible/#sthash.BrfcbnaL.dpuf

Death Is Never Easy

A young man I previously worked with died yesterday. Suddenly. He had beautiful curly hair, a great smile, and a daughter he loved more than life itself. I didn’t know him as well as some. We spent time together working on set during production, viewed Facebook pictures and connections; yet I feel profound sadness. I haven’t stopped thinking about him or his family since I heard the news.

Maybe it’s the fact that he was barely 30 years old. Or perhaps it’s the face of his precious toddler daughter staring back in pictures with Daddy that once seemed heartwarming … but now are haunting.

But deep down, I think my heart aches because of the abrupt finality of it all. I am shocked, then saddened, but above all burdened with the fact that this young man is never coming back. Death strikes without warning, leaving a hole in its wake. And that, is never easy.

Farewell, my friend.