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The Changing of the Guard

October sunlit-autumn-leaves-4187

I love Autumn. The crisp coolness in the air, gorgeous colors of leaves falling from trees, and for me, a sense of nostalgia, accompanies the season. I am always flooded with memories this time of year. Maybe it’s the passing of summer, perhaps it’s the association with back to school many years ago … or even the upcoming arrival of the holidays. For me, Autumn signals the changing of the guard.

Goodbye swimming pools, beach visits, popsicles, sunscreen, shorts and tank tops, park playdates, running through sprinklers, and ice cream for no reason (well, maybe not goodbye to this) :)

Hello jumping in piles of leaves, school football games, hot chocolate, smores, pumpkins and candy, jackets and jeans, turkey, dressing, beautiful lights, wrapping presents, and precious time with family.

Enjoying every moment….

Am I Wrong?

The end of the school year is almost here, and I’m starting to get giddy.

I love my son’s school. I love his teachers, classmates, and the parents are the best!

But I can’t wait … to sleep in, not check homework, not pack lunches; to lay around, watch TV, and not rush out the door.

We’ll do more with our summer than just idle it away, of course … but for now, the visions of casual relaxation dance in my head.

Maybe you just caught me at a lazy moment.

Am I wrong? Lol.