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The Homeschool Hump

Yup, it’s happened. I was told by teachers it was coming. The long months without a break start making you a little tired … and a little crazy. I don’t think I can hold out until Thanksgiving… it’s time for a break right now. I’ve decided to act accordingly in the following ways …

1. Self-imposed teachers workday. I’ll be working from my bed, pressing snooze, thank you very much.
2. A day of student responsibility. Show me how much you can get done on your own. That will either be fun to see or a mess to clean up, lol.
3. A play day. The only things allowed are reading, art, music and science (that one is a favorite of his, so yes, it would be part of play day).

I think if I can pull these off next week, I’ll be able to pull through until the holidays. We’ll see. Stay tuned….

Am I Wrong?

The end of the school year is almost here, and I’m starting to get giddy.

I love my son’s school. I love his teachers, classmates, and the parents are the best!

But I can’t wait … to sleep in, not check homework, not pack lunches; to lay around, watch TV, and not rush out the door.

We’ll do more with our summer than just idle it away, of course … but for now, the visions of casual relaxation dance in my head.

Maybe you just caught me at a lazy moment.

Am I wrong? Lol.