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What Your Kids Really Think of You …. (get the tissues ready)

As I reflect upon 2014 and look towards my goals for the upcoming year, inevitably I want to be a better mother. What mom doesn’t? Too little patience, too much yelling, not enough hugging, too much rushing, not enough money … and the list could go on and on. But moms, we’re often way too hard on ourselves. And who better to show that to us, than our kids. Check out the reactions of these moms to what their kids really think about them ….

Click to Hear What Kids Say That Leaves Moms Speechless

For the Kids . . .

July - Final Blog pix - For the Kids

Things I have had to sacrifice for my children ….

Nights of undisturbed sleep,
Food in fancy restaurants, to eat.
Precious time to spend alone,
Upgrades to the latest phones.
New clothes, gorgeous shoes,
Exotic travels with incredible views.
A quiet home, a peaceful table,
Watching whatever I want on cable.
Climbing the career ladder,
Being selfish in decisions that matter.
I’ve had to sacrifice all of this and more for my children…

And I’d do it ALL again.