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I’m A Kid Again

Me and Dad

It all started about 10am Saturday morning. My husband told all of us to be dressed by noon. He had a special friend coming to visit, he said. I asked a few questions, but he obviously wasn’t giving up any information. So I didn’t press the issue, and decided to let the surprise unfold. I obliged, and was ready on time.

When the doorbell rang, my husband told me to get the front door. And as soon as I saw who it was, I screamed. My Daddy! Visiting all the way from Virginia. It was a fantastic surprise. Only a few weeks before I had talked to my husband about wanting to bring my father for a visit. And here he stood before me. He traveled hundreds of miles of highway … just to see me.

Saying I felt special and honored is an understatement. We talked, we laughed, we reminisced, we shared. It was a short trip. He didn’t have a lot of time to visit because he had to get back. But he’d come all that way … took all that time … made all that effort to arrange a surprise … just to see me.

My Daddy. I’m a happy little kid again. :)