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Tomorrow is the day we celebrate this nation’s fight for freedom, and the prize of independence. I am grateful for it. I have a more personal battle for freedom that I’ve won, and am also thankful for.

My freedom to be … me. I can’t believe I went so many years without exercising this freedom. I worked hard to fulfill someone else’s notion of who I should be, to do what someone else thought I should be doing, to achieve someone else’s dreams for me, and attain their thoughts on my success. And you know what I found? It was exhausting! LOL. It is too hard trying to embody someone else’s visions of you and what you should be. So I finally looked myself in the mirror, decided I liked what I saw, and decided to obey God, love Him and love me. Ah, what a feeling!

Many people have the opportunity to enjoy true freedom, but instead opt to live caged in by someone else’s expectations. To clarify, I’m not talking about disregarding rules governing society or anarchy or any extremes like that. I’m talking about not being free in your mind to express your God-given talents, abilities and gifts, in the way God has given you, because you’re afraid of what someone will say or think.

Don’t continue to fight that battle. Be free. Be who God created you to be. And appreciate it.

Happy Independence Day.