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Who’s the Real Superhero?


My husband posted something profound on Facebook today. It definitely bears repeating. Well said, honey.

I was getting ready to get my little man(4) ready for the day. He did not want to because he had on his superhero underwear and he knew it meant putting a clean one on. I started thinking you are not a super hero because of what you wear…which lead me to thinking about us n our relationship with god. we are not defined by what we do, have or wear. We are ‘super’ because we serve and belong to a ‘super-natural’ God. As such, it’s time we go out and be ‘super’. Rescue some one today, encourage someone today, amaze someone today, avert a crisis today, after all you are a ‘super-hero’ serving a ‘super-natural’ God! ‪#‎Da‬-Real-Super-Heroes

Fathers in my life … Celebrating You

I have known two incredible fathers in my life. My dad taught me how to save money and invest; how to pinch a penny and make a dollar holler; how to be street wise and business savvy; how to balance wisdom and love; how to change a flat tire (which I had to do shortly after learning, on the side of the highway); how to be grateful for what we had; how to be timely and never ever be afraid of hard work. He loved me, protected me, and guided me; even when we butted heads and didn’t agree (I was just a wee bit headstrong back in the day, lol), he never gave up on me. I appreciate and love him dearly.

My husband shows me daily what it means to raise a Godly man. He raises our sons with love and patience, to be full of dignity and self-respect; to love and serve God with everything in them; to respect and honor their parents and listen diligently to their mother; to be happy and full of joy; to be grateful for life’s many blessings; and more intangible lessons than I can describe. I love my husband for who he is and for all he is to the boys and to our family. I am beyond grateful for him.

So thankful to God for the two blessings of these men in my life.

Happy Fathers’ Day.