Time After Time . . .

alarm-clock-time-hour-thumb.jpg APRIL 2020

It’s hard right now. Fear, anxiety and apprehension seem to permeate the air. Sickness is pervasive. We’re sitting inside, with nothing but time on our hands.

In this less than ideal situation, I’m making the conscious choice to be grateful for what I’ve been given. I’ve been given the gift of time … with my favorite people.

Time…to watch my husband work. To notice his intensity, his focus, his determination to be the best he can be. To see his heart to love our family, and take care of us.¬† To have him look over from his computer and give me a smile. A smile that says I’m happy to be with you. A smile just because …
Time … to listen to my teenager express what’s in his heart. To observe what makes him happy, and why. To understand why he thinks and feels the way he does. To be invited to the inner chamber of his world. And to stay there, happily, listening, grateful for the entry…
Time … to hear my youngest son laugh and sing. To become engrossed in his world of play. To marvel at the mind God gave him and his creativity, his imagination. To notice not only his favorite Legos, but his favorite games to play with those Legos, and how his superheroes¬†interact with one another. It tells me alot about how I’m interacting with him, and what he’s seeing in me ….
Time … to reflect. To see how fearfully, wonderfully and beautifully¬†made that I am. To be even more comfortable in my skin and understand who I am, flaws and all. To meditate on God’s Word and read and learn new methods to become a better, stronger, more loving me. Time to love every wrinkle I have and every inch of me because it’s me. Time ….
Time … to look out the window and see a flower blowing in the breeze. To imbibe the stillness of the street and the perfection with which God painted the sky. To remark at how relaxed and refreshed I feel when it’s not a constant race to do life bigger, better, faster, and louder, but instead enjoy life at my own pace and in my own …. TIME.
Stay safe, take proper precautions and choose to adopt an attitude of gratefulness for the gift of time.

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