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I worked in news for several years.  I, like so many of you, am hurt, frustrated, sad, angry and bewildered by the cruel actions of one person.  My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of these individuals.  Jaye Watson eloquently puts so many feelings into words.  What she says is so fitting, when it’s so hard to make sense of the situation.  Here are her words …..


I imagine I am Alison Parker, doing a live shot, yet another live shot, one of a dozen that will fill the work week.

I imagine how the sun rises behind her in the moments before it happens, how her photographer Adam has to adjust his camera to accommodate the encroaching fingers of light.

Maybe she learned her assignment that morning, when she walked into her newsroom at 3:30 AM and a producer told her she would be interviewing a woman about business redevelopment.

Read more here: Jaye Watson “Roanoke”

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