A Little Discipline Goes A Long Way



It was a place I’d been in before.  I had to buy items from one store, then finish grocery shopping at another.  Sound familiar?  The stores are close in distance, so that wasn’t a problem.  But the potential issue lied in me getting caught in a familiar trap – spending too much at the first store and having to use credit to cover the rest at the second location.  This time, however, I determined it would be different.  And learned valuable lessons in the process.

I spent what I had to spend – no more.  If I didn’t have the money, it stayed in the store.  Temptation knocked at that great sale, or how much I would be “saving”.  But I resisted.  I stayed focused.  And I learned a lot from that small decision.

1) Discipline is catching.  It permeates all areas of your life.  Decide to be more disciplined in your eating, in your exercise?  Watch your thinking change for the better in your spending.

2) It feels good to delay gratification.  It feels good because I knew the end result will be worth it.

3) Celebrate victories no matter how small.  Yeah, me!

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