Can We Please Not Talk About This Now?

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A 7-year old boy wanting a girlfriend?

Thankfully, mine does not. He told me this in no uncertain terms. He was reading a book about a bear having a girlfriend, so I started asking him how he felt about having a girlfriend.

“I’m too young,” he said. “Besides, I would have to spend all my time with a girlfriend – no time for my family or my friends. No thanks.” Accurate assessment, lol.

Happy to be making some headway, I asked what he thought was the appropriate age for a girlfriend.

“Older, I guess.” He then fidgeted and said, “Can we please not talk about this now?”

Huh? Okay, I countered, albeit reluctantly.

Not sure how to feel about his abrupt end to the discussion. I don’t want him to feel awkward talking to me, so I tried to choose my questions carefully.

I went through the litany of questions in my head – did I say too much? Did I ask too much? Did I say it in a teasing way? Did I make him feel uncomfortable?

But you know what? He’s 7. Maybe it’s just not time to talk about it anymore right now. And that’s okay. :)

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