Hiding … for the sake of Chocolate

July - Chocolate Cake image

I’d been eyeing a piece of chocolate cake for hours. It was a small slice, and the only one left. My youngest son, who recently developed a propensity for the finer things in life (like chocolate), helped me demolish the other two, earlier in the week. So I knew there was no eating this slice without him seeing it. So what did I do? Waited until he went to bed … then enjoyed every last crumb by myself. Indulgent? Maybe. Selfish? Definitely. Delicious. Absolutely. LOL. It made me think what other things have I hid from the kids to enjoy by myself?

– Potato chips. Lays are a hot commodity around here.
– Ice cream. You scream. We really do all scream for ice cream.
– Watching TV. Seriously, my son likes some of the same shows I do (Cosby Show, 19 Kids & Counting, Til Debt Do Us Part). If I wanna watch in solitude, I have to hide.
– Read Facebook. Sounds funny, but I never know when a little person may sneak up behind me. And some people have different ideas about what’s appropriate to put on FB, know what I mean?

How about you?

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