What Did You Just Say?

I’m enjoying a moment of quiet, reading my emails. The boys are quiet. Not sure what they’re doing, but nothing’s on fire and nobody’s screaming, so for now I’m going to take it. Suddenly, I hear, “how to have better sex in your marriage.” I turn around to see my 7-year-old reading over my shoulder. Nevermind that it was an email from Marriage Today or that he has no idea what he is saying. I’m mortified. “What did you just say?” I ask. Just as calmly, he repeats himself. He goes on to read a few more emails, then skips away, just as quietly as he crept over.

Times like this make me thankful for the purposeful insulation my husband and I have provided for our children. When they hear words we don’t say at home out in public, like someone swearing or saying mean things, it doesn’t faze them. Mostly because they don’t know what the words mean. And when there’s no negative meaning assigned to the word, it doesn’t elicit a negative response. Doesn’t mean my pressure doesn’t rise or I don’t tense up, just means I’m thankful he doesn’t quite know what’s being said.

I know, soon enough, it will be time to start explaining what certain words mean and why they matter. I’ve already had to explain how it’s possible for someone to be pregnant with a baby as a teenager (my little guy didn’t understand how someone who wasn’t married could be having a baby). I’m thankful for his innocence, and will just pray for the right words and the right time to help him understand … exactly what he is saying.

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