Champion Kids Nuggets – You Can’t Hurry Love (or Kids) … No You Just Have To Wait

My youngest son is almost potty-trained! Now for those of you scoffing at that notion or thinking what’s the big deal, you try going head to head with an adorable yet strong-willed 3-year-old, who is quite happy to have you keep changing him and not go to the potty by himself, thank you very much. It’s not the easiest of endeavors, I assure you. You take him to the restroom, he doesn’t go, yet two minutes later he’s peeing on the floor. “I didn’t have to go then,” he asserts (hmm, okay). Or you try to change him to big boy underwear, and he pushes it off, asking for his pamper (well if you’re old enough to know the difference…) But I digress. We’ve fought the good fight, and we’re almost there. Not as soon as I would have liked, but thankful for progress.

That’s the way it is with kids. They have their own timelines. You can wish, hope, pray, beg and plead, but sometimes you just can’t rush them. People told me to stop rocking my oldest to sleep after a few months. I didn’t listen. I enjoyed every moment. Now, I did it probably longer than I should have – I think I stopped when he was 2? Anyways, we stopped, started laying him down to sleep by himself, and a few nights later, it was working. Same with my youngest. No need to hurry them … enjoy the moments … let them go at their own speed. I’ve decided to bask in the moments I’m getting. From what I hear from the parents of teens, these little kid moments are all too fleeting….

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