The Funny Feeling

In honor of Throwback Thursday …

So were planning for my son’s birthday party and were considering having just boys. He vigorously objected. When I asked why, stating the name of a few girls who are his friends that he wanted to come. I knew all but one. He brushed over her name again. I let it slide. A few weeks later we were at a school event and he saw this same little girl. He started hiding behind me, being silly. I asked what was going on. He said he just gets this funny feeling when he sees her ….

The funny feeling.

Initially, I think it’s cute. Aw, he’s got a little crush and doesn’t even realize it. Then mom mode kicks in. He’s only 6. He might not know what that feeling is now, but soon enough, he will. When do “the talks” need to begin? How much do I need to find out about this girl… and on and on and on.

The funny feeling.

Ah, and so it begins…..

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