The Calvary Is In!

I saw the end in sight. Two weeks (really a week and a half, but it felt longer lol). The time was winding down. I was enjoying it, truly. Time with my mother, fun with my boys. But their never-ending energy, constant excitement (seriously, how can they be excited all the time?!) and desires to play, play, play had worn me down.

The time had passed swiftly. A combination of all of the household upkeep and the household fun had completely occupied my time. I wanted the busyness to keep them (all of us) from missing Daddy. But as we headed towards Monday, I could feel my anticipation growing. Visions of sleeping in, and a break from bath-giving danced in my head. Sure I’d miss our nightly slumber parties and getting to kiss the boys’ adorable faces while they slept, but it was time for a trade-off.

Then … the sound I waited for. The garage door went up. The door opened. Keys jingled. Daddy was home! I’m free! I’m free! I mean, welcome back, honey. Lol.

The Calvary is in. Time for a nap. :)

2 thoughts on “The Calvary Is In!

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