Right Before My Eyes ….

I can’t say exactly when it happened. Sometime in the past seven years, I suppose. But I didn’t notice it until a few days ago. My oldest son accompanied me to the airport to drop off my mother after her visit. She uses a wheelchair, and we had luggage. I really thought he may kind of be in the way, but knew how much it meant to him to see Nana off, so I let him come. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

He was a gem … a true blessing. He helped pull the luggage, held doors, picked up things we dropped (I yelled at him to hurry not realizing what he was doing, and he didn’t complain). He walked expeditiously, took the security/shoes off inconveniences like a trooper, and remained stoic until Grandma’s last goodbye. I caught myself taking glimpses of him during that time. I marveled at his determination to assist, and help get us where we needed to go. His walk, though still childlike and carefree, had a step of determination and purpose. I became a bit overwhelmed, at the awesomeness of this young being God blessed me to raise.

My baby, my little boy, my first born is growing up … right before my eyes.

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