Then Vs. Now

When you’re a college junior, living on campus, meals paid for, with some extra spending money, life is good. You tend to have different priorities than a married mother of two (or at least you should, lol). As I sat making my ever present to-do lists, I thought about how those lists two decades ago (good Lord, why did I have to say “decades”) stack up to my lists now.

– Not picking an 8am class vs. Wishing for anything that starts as late as 8am
– Studying for a test vs. helping to finish homework
– Finding money for pizza vs Finding pizza’s low fat alternative
– Deciding when to buy my spring wardrobe vs recycling last year’s clothes at the back of the closet
– Eating whatever, whenever vs No late night munchies (too many calories)
– Extra funds for a road trip vs enough funds for the Children’s museum
– Trying to find something to do vs. wishing I had nothing to do
– Full social calendar (mine) vs. full social calendar (the kids)

Lol. Then vs. now ….

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