We all have chapters, or seasons, in life. I’ve been so busy preparing for one chapter to open, that I’ve failed to count the cost of the one that I am leaving.

I’m about to embark on the exciting adventure of homeschooling my son. I think it will be a little crazy, a little difficult, a little overwhelming at times, but a whole lot of fun. I am looking forward to spending that quality time with my boys, getting to know them better, and sowing into their lives in a way only their mother can. I can’t wait to be there for every discovery, every fun moment, every adventure. We’ll have fun experiencing it together.

But I love my son’s school. I love his friends, their families and his teachers. Many of the moms and teachers are now my friends. And not just casual acquaintances – friends I’ve shared with, laughed with, cried with and most importantly prayed with. I’ve spent so much time preparing my son for what’s in store, and being concerned about him missing his school friends, that I’ve failed to think about what I’ll be missing … my friends.

Thankfully, play dates (and mom dates) will be a priority on our list. Change is a part of life, as are seasons. Thankfully I can embark on a new one without completely leaving the current one behind.

2 thoughts on “Chapters

  1. Hey there! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I considered homeschooling when my son was in PreK, but absolutely fell in love with his current school. However, at this point I am looking forward to homeschooling very much. I know we will have plenty of adventures to share! I look forward to writing about them. How old are your children?

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