Champion Kids Nuggets – Nothing Left

It’s one of those nights. I’m so tired I can barely think, let alone type. Yet I’ve committed to blog … so blog I must. I’m sure we’ve all had these times. Between working, volunteer involvement, kids, cooking, homework, and a whole lotta noise, I barely have anything left. So instead of trying to be extremely witty or amusing, I’ll talk about how, in my present state of mind, I maintain sanity and order with the kids.

1. Don’t answer any question right away. Because inevitably you’ll snap, say something you don’t mean, or give permission you’ll try to hastily retract.

2. Don’t let the noise get to a deafening crescendo. Because when it does, yelling can ensue. And I don’t mean from the little ones.

3. Figure out how to have the kids play in another room. Give yourself time to think and clearly process what’s going on. This didn’t work tonight, but there’s always next time.

4. If all else fails, find something to laugh at. Laughter blows off steam and restores good spirits like nothing else. A merry heart does good like a medicine!

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