The Simple Life

My quest to simplify my life continues. Like my prioritizing, it’s something I have to continue to do, and re-do, to prune, and make midstream corrections. But it’s worth it to me. To get to the life I really want … filled with crucial time with family and friends, with those that matter to me, making an impact and difference in the lives of others. This may look different for you. But here are a few ways I’m working to simplify my life.

1. Only say yes to things that I enjoy, that make someone I love happy, or that will make a productive difference in the lives of others.
2. Enjoy each moment. That is so much easier said than done. But I’ve put that adage into action, making an event that’s not enjoyable to me but wonderful to others, and seen the difference it makes.
3. Re-evaluate what’s most important, what must be done today, and what can wait. I love how simple this sounds but how seldom we do it, instead trying to pile on as much as possible to be done as quickly as possible – at the cost of something that could be much more important to us or our family.

My quest to simplify my life continues ….

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