Making It Work For Me

No decision you make affects just you …

Words of wisdom often spoken by my Pastor. I never necessarily doubted the validity of this statement, but for the past few months have been receiving a first-hand dose of its reality.

I made some decisions several years ago. While not earth-shattering per se, they are now affecting our entire family … and my son. I’ve beat myself up over and over again. Why wasn’t I more careful with money? Why didn’t I pay better attention? Why did I spend so frivolously? And now it’s come to a head, with hard decisions about our son’s education. I continued to play the blame game …

Then a funny thing happened. Instead of disdaining the choices as “problems I caused”, I started to embrace them. Instead of thinking all we would be missing, I marveled at what we would be gaining. And I decided to make it work for me.

It’s all about perspective ….

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