How Do You Respond to the Unknown?

How do I respond to the unknown? Now, to qualify the statement, when I say unknown I’m not referring to danger or a harmful situation. I’m talking about facing some circumstance or situation in life, where you don’t readily know the results.

I’ve got quite a few unknowns in my life right now. Some parts I caused, but mostly because of things I can’t control. And that’s hard. Really hard. Even if for brief moments, I’ve had the perceived “normal” responses. Fear. Anger. Frustration. Panic.

But thank God, those feelings are brief. And fleeting. I am now approaching each unknown situation by learning as much as I possibly can, praying and believing God for wisdom, and moving out full steam ahead. Is it fun? That’s not necessarily the word I’d use to describe it, lol. But it’s empowering. And moment by moment, it’s making me stronger.

Here’s to embracing the unknown. Let’s get it.

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