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I saw this. And loved it. Laughed out loud. Just a few other Mom Moments I thought I’d share to brighten your day:
– Getting the kids to bed, lunches packed, clothes ready for the next day so you can curl up with a good book or watch a good movie. Then fall asleep within five minutes.
– Being proud of yourself for washing loads of laundry … that sits unfolded for days.
– You know that meal you made to last two days … uh, yeah. It’s all gone.
– The kids want to sleep in during the week when they need to be up for school. But Saturday …. 6am, here they come!
– It just doesn’t matter how many times you clean that room. It won’t stay that way.
– The kids will trade every possession for TV time. I’ve even seen vegetables eaten for that trade.

3 thoughts on “Mommy Moments

  1. Ha! Yes, the “multiple-meal” casserole. I find myself saying, “Don’t get seconds! That needs to last until tomorrow!” I don’t think the point of dinner is to leave everyone hungry, though… :)

  2. Right!!! Or I make enough chicken, meatloaf, etc etc thinking I’ll have a break from cooking the next day, lol. Even if I don’t eat more, I’m like you…. can’t leave the boys hungry! :)

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