Things I’ve Learned From My Husband

My husband is a laid back guy. Cool, level-headed, rational – you know, my opposite in many ways. Though I like to think I have all the answers, especially as a parent, I must admit I’ve learned a thing or two from this man God has blessed me with.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned from the hubby:

1) If the boys aren’t bleeding and no bones are broken after a fall, they’re fine.
2) Having the kids sleep in our room every night is NOT a good idea
3) If you’re tired, you should go to bed. My to-do-list items will still be there tomorrow.
4) Our kids have it pretty good. They’ll be okay without the latest gadget or toy.
5) Overreacting gets us nowhere.
6) Living within our means really is a lot smarter.
7) My husband has been graced by God to raise our boys to be men. I need to let him do that.

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