I Love Your Smile

My baby just lost his first tooth! Ah, it evokes so many emotions in me. Happiness for him – he has been wanting to lose a tooth all school year, and made sure I knew he was the ONLY kid in class who hadn’t lost one. Sadness for me … I mean, I knew it was time for it to happen, but still. And finally, the sting of stark reality… my little boy is growing up.

Are most parents (especially moms) as sappy as me? Pardon me while I wax nostalgic … but I still remember your toothless smile on your first Christmas pictures. I remember how long we waited for the very first tooth to come in. My mind can replay your first step, your first word, the first time you ate food by yourself (spaghetti, what a mess!) and the first time you dressed yourself – or at least tried to, lol. I don’t really have some profound thought or knowledge to impart … just sharing memories of a sweet boy growing up right before my eyes. Toothless, full mouth, missing one, missing some … I’ll always love your smile.

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