Saving Your Wife From Herself

I recently read a great article that talked about how husbands will sometimes need to save their wives … from themselves. At first glance, it didn’t make sense to me. Until I saw my own hubby do it.

He protected me from my children. Yes, from my children. I’d spent the entire morning and afternoon with the boys – and loved it. We had a blast. I closed up the laptop, said goodbye to writing for the day, and hello to crafts and cartoons. So when it came time to work, my oldest lamented to my husband that I was working too much and not spending any time with him. My husband handled it swiftly – and strongly. By the end of their conversation, my son was writing me thank you notes for working so hard to help the family. And the best part – I never even knew about it until I got the thank you’s. My husband saved me from an unnecessary guilt trip.

Next, I watched my husband protect me … from me. I’ve had the tendency in the past to push myself. Push past the point of fatigue, frustration, hunger, etc. I was recently sick and pushing to go to an event. Thankfully, he pulled in the reigns. I ended up getting the rest I needed and recovering a lot faster. He saved me from making dumb decisions (yes, dumb) about my health.

Lastly, my husband has protected me from outside influences. This includes people making unreasonable demands, who may be out to use or take advantage of me, or situations when I should go for it but others are trying to dissuade me. He’s in my corner, he’s got my back, and has saved me from doing things and enjoying opportunities I may have regretted missing later.

So men … though your wife may think she’s “superwoman” and has got it all together, know that she needs you. If for nothing more than to protect her … from herself.

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