What my 2-year-old has taught me …

My baby is growing up so fast. He’ll be three this weekend. I have got to be the sappiest mother in the world. I get so nostalgic when my kids’ birthdays approach. I walk down memory lane, sometimes with tears in my eyes, as the three men in my house found it hilarious that I get so emotional.

Anyways, in light of this momentous occasion in his (and my) life, here’s a look at what my 2-year-old has taught me.

1. Messes can be fun, as long as you don’t have to clean it up.
2. Singing and shouting at the top of your lungs is fun.
3. Folded clothes need to be placed up high.
4. Car rides can be exciting.
5. Crayons are not a good mix with: mom’s clothes, the walls, photographs, the rug (you get the picture)
6. Milk tastes better warm before bed.
7. You can never get too many tickles.
8. Make pretend inspires creativity.
9. Watching TV so mom can rest is a brilliant idea.
10. Sometimes you just need a good nap.

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