Death Is Never Easy

A young man I previously worked with died yesterday. Suddenly. He had beautiful curly hair, a great smile, and a daughter he loved more than life itself. I didn’t know him as well as some. We spent time together working on set during production, viewed Facebook pictures and connections; yet I feel profound sadness. I haven’t stopped thinking about him or his family since I heard the news.

Maybe it’s the fact that he was barely 30 years old. Or perhaps it’s the face of his precious toddler daughter staring back in pictures with Daddy that once seemed heartwarming … but now are haunting.

But deep down, I think my heart aches because of the abrupt finality of it all. I am shocked, then saddened, but above all burdened with the fact that this young man is never coming back. Death strikes without warning, leaving a hole in its wake. And that, is never easy.

Farewell, my friend.

2 thoughts on “Death Is Never Easy

  1. We recently attended the wake for a friend’s father and the grief was palpable, leaving my heart aching for a few days and then intermittently when I think of their loss. Death is hardest on those who empathize deeply, like you do with your former colleague’s toddler. Praying for your friend, his child, and for your tender heart.

    1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words. And even more for your prayers. Especially for his sweet precious baby girl. I pray also for your friend’s family and yours as you deal with your loss.

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