The Dance (Getting My Groove Back)

The music starts, the rhythmic beat,
Slowly my foot does tap.
I begin to move my feet
My fingers start to snap.

I fight it, not sure I’m ready
For the moves about to start.
I begin to sway, slow and steady
It’s what I want, in my heart.

I hesitate; then I embark
On this timeless mother’s dance;
Within me there’s a yearning spark
To seize upon this chance.

I stepped away from the beat, you see,
To care for two so sweet.
“Juggle” “balance” was told to me
But with craziness I can’t compete.

Filmmaker, mother, writer, friend,
Overwhelming at one time.
I learned to change, to pace, to bend
Not just focus on job climb.

Sometimes it feels like two steps forward,
Sometimes like two steps back.
Inside I know I’m moving toward
God’s purpose – that’s a fact.

So I will jump back on the dance floor
To find out what’s in store.
Long days on set, post, prep and more
All things that I adore.

For this elusive “balance” I’ll reach
To work and have family time.
It may be hard, but I will teach,
Being true to my heart and mind.

Here I go, moving in step
To a song I don’t yet know.
Unfamiliar territory I trek
Getting ready … here I go.

Watch me dance now.

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