And A Child Shall Lead Them….

Happy New Year!

My oldest son turns 7 tomorrow. Seven! Where has the time gone … the phrase uttered by mothers worldwide. Sometimes I just watch him – the carefree joy in his laughter, the innocent curiosity when he doesn’t understand, or that face he makes that reminds me that he is truly my child. I’m in that contemplative state where I’m awed by the miracle of God giving me this joy, and this blessing. My life. My love. As I reflect just before he crosses that threshold, I think about all I’ve learned from his precious life.

What my 6 year old has taught me …

1. My job is to help him be who God created him to be, not who I think he should be.
2. Listen to what people have to say. It could be interesting. It could teach you something.
3. Friends make it more fun.
4. The words “I love you Mommy” NEVER get old.
5. You should not gain weight for eating too many cupcakes or cookies (ok that’s partly me, but he agrees).
6. Moms give the best surprises (sorry Dads).
7. It can be very difficult to let your child learn hard lessons.
8. Their pain is worse than anything you could feel for yourself.
9. Ice cream always makes a day better.
10. Skipping makes you happy.
11. It’s bad enough that there are things about me I can do without. It’s worse to see those traits in my child.
12. Kids know a whole lot more than we give them credit for.
13. Sometimes the best thing to do is just go outside and play.
14. You can never laugh too much.
15. Books are a great adventure.
16. Catch a cold from the hubby – no biggie. Catch it from the kids, it’s like the plague. Their colds are the WORST.
16. It is a privilege to mold and shape a young life.
17. It’s an incredibly beautiful thing to watch your child grow. Equally as beautiful is to realize how much raising them has helped you grow.

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